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About the Office of Entrepreneurial Education

Businessman in Store The Office of Entrepreneurial Education (oe2), the educational arm of the New York Small Business Development Center, develops and provides educational products to promote entrepreneurship. Programs include web-based curricula on entrepreneurial concepts in three versions– EntreSkills™, EntreSkills™ for Veterans, and EntreSkills™ for Entrepreneurs. Resources include: vocabulary exercises, case studies, web resources, video clips, SBDC speakers, articles, and an electronic newsletter.

The EntreSkills platforms provide flexibility for the changing needs of users. Chapters are written to provide up to date information. The student version conforms to the NYS Education Department (NYSED) Learning Standards, including Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS). It also conforms to the Common Core Standards. Programs provide interactivity through the use of case studies, success stories, tests, quizzes, website links, and “real-life” entrepreneur experiences through the use of inter-related systems and video clips.

A business plan is essential for a business to succeed. The EntreSkills platforms include an interactive “Business Plan Builder,” enabling users to create their own business plan by responding to questions. As students, veterans, and clients complete activities, the data is automatically captured and compiled into a business plan program. After completing the program, users have a draft business plan available for use, review, modification, and adoption.

The oe2 welcomes the chance to attend and exhibit at conferences, professional development days, and meetings throughout the state. Social media programs, such as Facebook and YouTube, are used to update the availability of EntreSkills programs, share entrepreneurial resources, and highlight success stories.